Upcoming Events:

Excited to announce we're expanding our reach to Hollister / Gilroy and we will be holding our first area breakfast meeting at Casa de Fruta on 2/9. Each meeting is a great opportunity for a meet and greet so please come out and join us!

We'd like to extend a thank you to the local Chamber of Commerce offices of Los Banos and Hollister and their staff for their efforts and support. You are greatly appreciated.


Come join us for breakfast at 10:00  the 2nd Saturday of each month. We'll be at Eddie's Cafe' in Los Banos or Casa de Fruta near Hollister. Please check below for dates. We discuss group topics while enjoying good food and great camaraderie.

2/9 Casa de Fruta                            3/9 Eddie's Cafe'                            4/13 Casa de Fruta                      5/11 Eddie's Cafe'                              6/8 Casa de Fruta                            7/13 Eddie's Cafe'                              8/10 Casa de Fruta                          9/14 Eddie's Cafe'                              10/12 Casa de Fruta                        11/9 Eddie's Cafe'                              12/14 Casa de Fruta